Ocean body scrub with salt and spirulina



I have now a little more time for myself, so I did something I haven’t since a long time and took a bath. In the bath tub. I wanted to have a good body scrub to take with me, so I quickly mixed one. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would buy ready made scrubs that contain preservatives, when that is such a quick and easy mix.

Trial & Error

Not much chance for an error with that mix. It’s a quick cold mix with one bowl and a spoon.

I had a new bag of Spirulina, and some dead sea salt. I chose the Argan oil since I love its feel on the skin. I also wanted to keep it simple, otherwise I could probably mix in also some Hemp oil. It doesn’t matter that much since the main ingredient is the salt. The ratio is around 8:1:4 salt:spirulina:oil.

I want to find an essential oil with a smell that will remind me of the medeteranean, but for now I’ve used benzoin.


  • Makes 50g of scrub, enough for about 4-5 usages
Phase Ingredient Percentage grams
  Sea Salt 60 30
  Spirulina powder 9 4.5
  Argan Oil 30 15
  Vitamin E 0.5 0.2
  Essential Oil (optional) 0.5 0.2
  TOTAL 100 50


  • In a bowl mix well the salt with the spirulina.
  • Add the oil and mix untill the mix is even.
  • Finally, add the vitamin E and the essential oil of your choice, and stir.
  • Store in a closed jar, and avoid introducing water to the mix. Best would be to use a spoon to take a little with you to the shower/bath tub.