Liberated beauty - put yourself in the center

It seems that in the last years we have become so aware as to what we eat — avoid processed food, prefer raw and organic materials. Food ethics became part of the mainstream.

In the meantime, in the beauty world the trends are mixed. While there are more organic and ethical products than before, there is hardly any discussion about the mere consumption of cosmetics as a processed product.

DIY cosmetics remain today the niche of stay-at-home mom bloggers and other hippies. The majority gets addicted to the beauty-box subscription model, which leaves their bathrooms filled with massive amounts of processed cosmetics, filled with preservatives.

How to stop consuming processed cosmetics?

The first step is to identify your current usage. Cleansing, makeup, hair care. If you are a person who uses products heavily, it might take some time to come up with homemade substitutes for everything. Start where it hurts most.

Second thing to evaluate is the time you have. If you are looking to replace your lipstick collection, but you don’t have the time to experiment, you will have to use existing recipes. This means you will probably not get every shade you have in mind.

I always like to keep in mind what is important for me in making my own cosmetics: keep it raw (as much as possible), keep it fresh, keep it small. No more hundreds of small tubes from whatever-brand. No more preservatives. I make my own lotions, my own cleansers, my own makeup. Small and healthy amounts.

Just mix it. And never look back.