As a web developer, I used to say I love building stuff. But then I’ve started mixing my own cosmetics. It reminded me on how I always enjoyed the act of painting, especially the mixing of pigments and finding the correct consistency for the paint.

So now I say I love making things. I explore raw ingredients, I experiment with pigments, I create a recipe, a simple cosmetic formulation. I pack it nicely. I love sending it to family and friends and get their feedback. Especially I love when people ask how they can tweak it. This means they really loved it and want to make things, too.

I also love making lists. Here’s one of them. It’s called

Why do I make my own cosmetics

  • I get exactly what I want need that moment
  • I can make myself the exact shade of a lipstick or an eyeliner
  • I know exactly what’s inside - and I make sure it’s good for me
  • It’s fun!
  • It’s so much cheaper
  • I get to experiment with the newest active ingredients
  • I make small amounts and always get fresh cosmetics

Why did I create Mix A Glam

I want you to have a revolutionized cosmetic experience. It’s much easier than it sounds!

After mixing my own cosmetics easily and happily home, it was confusing for me to see so many intelligent, aware women using processed cosmetics and paying so much for it. It contains preservatives that harm the skin, it contains too little of the active ingredients you believe you pay for, and it focuses on make believe - not results.

The cosmetic recipe kit lets you mix your own cosmetic recipes - gaining knowledge, power and control on your skin.

Mix a glam for liberated beauty - fresh cosmetics mixed on the spot.